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Our Mission

Four million animals are euthanized every year in California alone. 2 The Rescue Animal Sanctuary is here to lower that number. Our sanctuary is dedicated to providing a safe haven for the unwanted animals scheduled for unnecessary euthanasia. We provide an environment for our animals to thrive and grow while looking for forever homes. Our sanctuary provides a clean, safe, loving environment with comfortable shelter, good nutrition, and health necessities taken care of. Our primary concerns are for the well being of all the animals in our sanctuary and to save the lives of as many animals as possible.



I have always been very passionate when it comes to animals. I spent my childhood in South Africa where we were always surrounded by different kinds of animals. Our house was always the one that had random shoe boxes with animals recovering in them.


I have never understood how people are able to discard their pets. I also can't fathom destroying animals due to lack of space.

I have never found it agreeable that many rescues destroy animals because they do not have the time or space to take care of or foster or adopt out animals that they have in their shelters. The mission of 2 The Rescue Animal Sanctuary is to rescue, rehabilitate if necessary, and rehome animals that might be euthanized due to lack of space in local shelters and/or sold at slaughter auctions.

We hope to never have to refuse or deny any animal a safe loving environment to live in until a forever home can be found.

                                           -Ilana Friedman


How It Began...


You can now Venmo us! @donate2therescueanimalsanctuary


We accept one time or recurring donations through Paypal HERE 

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