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Our Horses

Our Horses

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Cashie is a registered palomino paint mare. She arrived straight from auction, and has settled in beautifully. Cashie was severely underweight, had an abscess, and a torn hamstring. The hamstring is not reparable and has left her with a limp. But thankfully it causes her no pain and she can be trail ridden lightly. Cashie is looking for her forever home.



Tucker is a 16 year old paint. Unfortunately, his owners were unable to take care of him due to his age and illness. Tucker suffers from laminitis, which affects his feet and makes it hard to place him. We hope to find him a forever home. 



Viola is a 30+ year old pinto mare. She was pulled off the same slaughter truck as Vick. She arrived about 300 pounds underweight, with very bad teeth and feet. She is now happy and healthy living out her days with Vick. 



Vick was a 30+ year old gelding that was pulled off a slaughter truck heading to Mexico. He was 400 pounds underweight and had Cushing's disease. 

Learn his full story here



Luke is a 2-3-year-old thoroughbred that was rescued from auction. He was so neglected and starved and currently suffers from neurological issues.

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