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Toby is a 100+ pound African Sulcata tortoise. He lived the first 27 years of his life in a concrete enclosure with no access to greenery. He was fed incorrectly as a baby and has a helmet-like shell as a result, instead of a curled under shell. He has spent the last two years roaming our 5+ acres, laying under the olive tree, and sleeping in his enclosure. He loves the freedom here and is in complete awe of small dogs and horses. 



Thor is a 1 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees we adopted from a Great Pyrenees rescue. He had been adopted twice, but returned both times. We are grateful that happened, because he is the perfect dog for us who not only is a guardian to all our animals, but a huge bundle of love!



Ferdinand is an approximately 7 weeks old swiss/Holstein mix bull(Almost a steer). Ferdie came to us at 4 days old from a slaughterhouse up north. To say he was a challenge is putting it lightly. I am exceptionally excited to report that Ferdinand is happy and thriving here at our Rescue/Sanctuary. He will be bottle-fed for probably 6 months, and then we will wean him off his bottle. His formula is extremely expensive but helping him grow and thrive. 



Lucy is a 1 year old llama we rescued from a local who decided after her mother died when she was 6 months old to just leave her to starve to death in a small pen. Luckily a neighbor who was dropping hay over the fence for her contacted us, and for $ 300.00 we were able to purchase and save her. At her first vet check, our vet was able to put his arms around her and pick her up off the ground because she was so thin. Luckily for Lucy she is now at a perfect weight, and living her best life here.

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