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Chanel is the exception to every rule. She is a very fancy chicken, who has given me quite the run for my money. She was diagnosed with Marek's disease shortly after arriving and became completely paralyzed. She lived in the house for two months, having daily physical therapy and lots of love administered. She has made a full recovery and is now happily living with her chicken sisters. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.40.32 PM.png


Sweetie is a kind and shy Muscovy duck that came to us from auction. She is a bit afraid of humans, but loves to hang with her best friend Quacky. In spring of 2017, she hatched 11 ducklings! 



Quacky was rescued along with Hammy the pig. Also from animal control, he arrived looking distraught and emaciated. He imprinted on me soon after and has became my shadow everywhere I go. He is very verbal and loves participating in long conversations. He is protective of his pond and may chase someone who comes too close! 



Gobbles is a Narragansett turkey. He came to us from a slaughter auction in very poor shape. He was dumped on the auction floor being sold for immediate slaughter. He now lives with the flock of chickens, and as you can see he is very handsome! He is now able to strut his stuff around the farm, and is a big show off. 

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