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Sally is a 3 year old Suffolk sheep. Her owners were leaving the country and she had no where to go except auction. She was our third animal rescued, and now thrives at our rescue. She is often seen with baby Charlie, our lamb. 



Charlie was born in May of 2017. Her mother died a week after giving birth, and the young lady could not take care of Charlie. She was bottle fed for 5 weeks and lived in the house for her first few months. She thinks she is one of the dogs, and is just sweet as can be. 


Peanut and Brittle

Peanut and Brittle are brother Boer goats and were saved from being sold for meat. We were fortunate to have been able to rescue them at only 8 weeks old. They are an amazing pair of hooligans. They eat their way through the rescue and are never seen far apart. 

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